Beaufort City Council, Port Royal approves new fire station

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Residents of Port Royal and Beaufort could be seeing a new fire station in the area after both town and city councils approved the proposal of a new fire station.

$400,000, that's how much the Town of Port Royal and City of Beaufort pay the Burton Fire District to serve the Castle Rock area. But now, after Beaufort City Council unanimously approved a lease agreement for a new fire station Tuesday night, those costs could be cut by more than half.

The Town of Port Royal also approved the proposal on Wednesday night.

Port Royal and Beaufort split the cost for the fire service using a formula that calculates the number of rooftops in each municipality. Based on this calculation, the city and town would find themselves paying close to $15 million over a 30-year period.

Now, this number is equal to the length of the proposed lease agreement between the municipalities and a private property owner, who volunteered to build a station and lease the property.

"It's a five-year lease and it adjusts every five years. The first year our total cost is $109,000 for both municipalities. Our building a station and being able to lease it with a fixed cost for 30 years with renewals already built in for another 15, is just more proof for our needs," said Beaufort City Manager Bill Prokop.

We can expect to see some construction in the next few months. That current agreement with Burton expires at the end of the year.

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