Hurricane Preparedness Week: Secure an Insurance Check-up

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Preparedness Week continues through Saturday, May, 13.

Wednesday's task, "Secure an insurance checkup."

Obviously, a lot goes into protecting your property as Mother Nature's worst approaches the coastline, like boarding up, tying down, and potentially getting out. But, have you recently checked to make sure you have an adequate insurance policy?

Policy coverage can depend on how damage occurred, your specific policy, your policy provider and more. For example, separate flood insurance may be required for your home and belongings. Also, wind and storm floodwater damage are often covered separately.

Are you aware of your likelihood to take on storm surge if a significant hurricane were to make landfall along the Georgia or South Carolina coasts?

Before hurricane season begins, check with your insurance provider. Make sure that your coverage suffices your needs. Remain aware that not all providers will allow changes to your policy in the immediate days leading up to a tropical system's impact.

Leading up to impact, have copies of all necessary documents stored in water-tight containers in a safe location. This will make the recovery and restoration process flow more smoothly.

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And remember to visit WTOC's Hurricane Center page, your hurricane authority, throughout hurricane season 2017.

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