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Authorities confronted by man wielding 2 machetes during search warrant at Garden City drug house

Ricky Davis (Source: CCSO) Ricky Davis (Source: CCSO)
Ashleigh Humphries (Source: CCSO) Ashleigh Humphries (Source: CCSO)
John Brewer (Source: CCSO) John Brewer (Source: CCSO)
Siobhan Lynch (Source: CCSO) Siobhan Lynch (Source: CCSO)
Stephon White (Source: CCSO) Stephon White (Source: CCSO)

Six people were detained during the execution of a search warrant at a home on Salt Creek Road in Garden City.

The Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team, with the assistance of the SCMPD SWAT team and Garden City Police Department, executed a “no knock” search warrant on May 5 around 9 a.m. at 5 Salt Creek Road in reference to an ongoing narcotics investigation.

CNT launched an investigation after receiving several complaints and tips in reference to methamphetamine sales, as well as possible manufacturing of the narcotic.

After several weeks of investigating, a warrant was executed at the address. During that time, officials say SCMPD SWAT came into contact with a combative subject who actively confronted them armed with two machetes. SWAT members were able to subdue the suspect, identified as Ricky Davis.

There were no serious injuries to the suspect or the officers involved.

SWAT detained a total of six subjects at the residence and agents located several smoking devices, baggies, scales, and methamphetamine inside the home. However, only five were charged and arrested. Officials say a female was interviewed and released.

Those inside the residence at the time of the warrant were Ashleigh Humphries, Stephon White, John Brewer, Ricky Davis and Shiobhan Lynch. All were charged with possession of controlled substance (Meth) and possession of drug-related object.

Officials say further investigation revealed John Brewer had an active parole warrant, Ricky Davis had an active warrant for Probation Violation from Bibb County, and Shiobhan Lynch had an active warrant for possession of marijuana from CNT. Davis also received additional charges from Garden City PD for aggravated assault on LEO, felony obstruction and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime.

Garden City Police Chief David Lyons says his department is seeing an increase in methamphetamine use in the Salt Creek area.

Neighbors say the house has been a problem for months. Chief Lyons insists this is one of the several neighborhoods plagued by a growing drug problem.

"Said, ‘Daddy there is a guy parked in the road out front’ and I looked out the door and they were making a drug exchange right then,” said Silk Hope Baptist Church Pastor Johnathan Phillips.

Pastor Phillips said drug deals are being made in his church's parking lot. Strangers he has never seen before like the five people arrested only one street over from where families come to worship.

"My kids will be here riding bikes and they will be right here in the parking lot waiting and meeting up with someone.  And we kind of have to ask them to leave the parking lot,” said Pastor Phillips.

The house on Salt Creek Road where all five people were arrested is right next to the Pet Cemetery and behind the house is Garden City Councilwoman Marsha Daniel's home.

All the neighbors WTOC spoke to are very upset by the situation and have been reaching out to Chief Lyons.

"All drug are bad but meth is extremely bad,” said Chief Lyons.

WTOC sat down with the chief and talked more about what's being done.

"That's why we took the SWAT team in, the arrest warrant, even in the process of doing that. He is going to come out and attack the SWAT team with a machete,” Chief Lyons said.

When officers kicked in the door, the owner of the house, William Wells was in jail. Now out of jail, he told me the house was open to people since his dog needed to be cared for while he was locked up.

"I knew they were recreational drug users but I had no idea it was going on to that scale,” said Wells.

Wells most recent arrest is for drugs but he says he is looking to turn things around.

"I grew up here, this is my neighborhood, my family has been here for over 100 years, I try to take pride in that, I want people to be proud to know me."

For now, neighbors told WTOC they will put their trust into Chief Lyons, who has a message for the community.

"If you deal drugs down there if you manufacture drugs down there, we are going to be on top of you,” Chief Lyons said.

Chief Lyons said this meth issue has been growing over the last six to eight months. He wants residents to know he's attacking the problem as aggressively as he can.

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