Final 'Parking Matters' meeting held before Savannah City Council vote

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The final "Parking Matters" drop-in session was held Wednesday night before Thursday's Savannah City Council vote.

Residents and local leaders headed out to the Civic Center to talk about recent recommendations following a two-year study. The first session was held last week.

Wednesday night was the last chance for people to give feedback on changes and improvements coming to parking in the city.

"Anybody who has been driving around downtown for an hour looking for parking knows what a headache that is and most people will just avoid it altogether," said District 1 Alderman Van Johnson.

"The big one is to take this sort of confusing array of parking zones that we have, 30 minute, $1 an hour, two-hour $1 an hour, and condense that all really into two or three zones," said Sean Brandon, director of Mobility and Parking Services.

The first Parking Matters workshop was held back in 2015. That was followed by the study and now, those recommendations are in.

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