Hurricane Preparedness Week: Strengthen your home

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Preparedness Week continues through Saturday, May, 13.

As a tropical system approaches, one of the main tasks on your to-do list is to protect your home and property from wind, rain and storm surge.

Before hurricane season even begins, designate a way and place to secure all loose items on your property.

Recreational items, life patio chairs, can become destructive "flying missiles" during high winds. By putting all items that could become air-born in a secure place, you are reducing the risk of flying debris damaging your home and homes around you.

Walk around the exterior of your home. Identify and fix any weaker siding, gutters or other accessories before a system threatens your area. Inspect your windows and seal any areas that water could come in.

Depending on your home's design and construction, you may be able to use hurricane clips if you choose to board up your home. To save time in the immediate days before tropical impacts, measure your window frames and have plywood ready to go if you must protect your home.

If your home is at risk for flooding, move all necessary items off the floor, preferably to a second floor, to reduce the risk of water damage. Sandbagging entry ways may keep water out of your home or at least delay when it enters.

In an attempt to spare your vehicle from wind damage, park it in your garage. If that is impossible, consider a nearby parking garage or open parking lot that is not likely to be impacted by flying debris.

While it is nearly impossible to mitigate all damage during a Tropical Depression, Storm or Hurricane, these suggested actions will reduce the impact to your life and property. For a more complete list, visit WTOC's Hurricane Center page.

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