Consider This: Top Teachers

Consider This: Top Teachers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As a kid, there was nothing more exciting for me than the last week of school before summer vacation. Counting down the final hours as Alice Cooper's anthem of "School's Out" echoed through my head was one of the best parts of being a kid.

That same sense of anticipation, and in many cases joy, is now reverberating with tens of thousands of students here in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry as the 2016-17 school year is rapidly winding down.

One of the end of school year rites we participate in here at WTOC, along with the Georgia Ports Authority, is bringing our Top Teachers together for a thank you luncheon. I had the honor to once again attend this event and I was once again struck by the commitment and dedication these educators make to bettering our children's lives.

This year's luncheon happened to fall during Teacher Appreciation Week, the week set aside to let teachers know just how grateful we are for them.

Consider This: we need to recognize the impact teachers have and the sacrifices they make every day, and not just one week a year.

We can all point to a teacher who made a difference in our lives. For me, my high school biology teacher Dan Finfrock nurtured my interest in photography, while Joan Fox and Robert Dizney introduced me to journalism. I can assure you my daughter will have life long memories of the impact Kirsten Leske makes in her life. I know I can never thank Kirsten enough.

It's time we all do our part to elevate all 3.5 million teachers in our country, both in status and in pay, and recognize that without their dedication to us and our children we would all fail.

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