Items Left on Warriors' Walk Find Home in Museum

Mementos left for a fallen soldier.
Mementos left for a fallen soldier.

Third Infantry Division soldiers who ultimately gave their all for our country will be remembered for generations to come. Since Operation Iraqi Freedom began, families and friends who've lost loved ones have visited Warriors' Walk at Fort Stewart and left meaningful items behind.

Now those items are being displayed at the Fort Stewart Museum. At Warriors' Walk, loved ones often leave pictures, flags and other special mementos that are now becoming pieces of recorded history.

It's been said that every generation has its war.

"The deaths of these young men that we've lost are a significant part of history," said museum curator Vicki Hester.

Now the latest generation of Third Infantry Division soldiers are holding their places in history. "Leaving these artifacts is a contribution that the museum can make by picking stuff up and telling more of the story," said Hester.

It's a story that's being told by families and friends of fallen soldiers, who may not even realize the items they leave behind hold historical value. "We need to capture all that we can," Hester told us.

Hester says this is just the beginning of the project at Warriors' Walk, because as long as Operation Iraqi Freedom is underway, more items are bound to be left behind. "If we don't collect it now to find out what its meaning is for the future, we won't have it at all."

That's because every item left behind tells the story of a soldier who is no longer here to tell future generations about the war he once fought.

"The soldiers are all different people, individuals, the things that are left for them represent their individuality and their unique contribution to the effort going on in Operation Iraqi Freedom," noted Hester.

Contributions that will one day become part of the past for the future generations.

Anyone can visit the Fort Stewart Museum. It's free and open to the public.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,