SCMPD: Safety measures in place around downtown Savannah to prevent errant drivers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Many first responders and witnesses have said the terrible incident in Times Square could have been worse.

The driver of that car rode on the sidewalk for three blocks before crashing into a metal pole. Many of you may be wondering what is in place to keep you safe in popular parts of Savannah.

We asked the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department how officers are trained and positioned to prevent and react to this type of incident.

Police say there are more than just officers here to protect you. On each end of City Market, there are barricades and bollards set up. On top of that, there are bicycle racks and trees to stop something dangerous from entering the area.

In addition, Metro says it patrols these areas frequently trying to identify anything that may be problematic.

Metro told WTOC it gets a lot of on the job training dealing with crowds since there are so many big events in Savannah. Sometimes police cars are strategically placed to protect larger groups of people.

We did ask what is in place right now to ensure the safety.

"Operation Rolling Thunder is going on this month. We have our HEAT units out looking for drunk drivers, DUI drivers, and there are off-duty officers in the area that will help slow vehicles down as well, a lot of it is done by the design of the area," said SCMPD Sgt. Jason Pagliaro.

SCMPD said the most important thing to consider when in the downtown area is to make sure to use sidewalks and crosswalks. Also, if you see anything you think is suspicious, then call the police so they can check it out.

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