Marne Community & Spouse Club award reception at Ft. Stewart

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - The Marne Community and Spouses' Club Award Reception was held Thursday night at Fort Stewart.

The Club ended its year on a high note, celebrating the money they've raised by handing out scholarships and community treasures.

Two high school students receiving $2,000 each to go towards their college education. Three students currently enrolled in college and three graduate students also awarded.

Eight community organizations, including the YMCA of Richmond Hill and First Presbyterian Christian Academy, also received grants to help them meet their needs.

"It's nice to see when your kids work really hard to make good grades and to volunteer and be a service-minded person, it's really nice to see them rewarded in that way," said Marne Community and Spouse Club President Leigh Payne.

"The scholarship helps me out tremendously to be able to do more things in college. I already have a GI bill, so a lot of my college is taken care of but not all of it," said scholarship recipient Landry Eskridge.

Landry graduates Saturday and plans to attend West Virginia University in the fall.

Over $31,000 was awarded Thursday night. The highest amount in the Club's history.

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