Savannah mother outraged her son's alleged killer is out on bond

Shanika Latoya Dunbar (Source: SCMPD)
Shanika Latoya Dunbar (Source: SCMPD)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Savannah mother is outraged that her son's accused killer was released on bond this week.

Theron Robbins was shot to death almost a year ago near the intersection of East 33rd Street and Atlantic Avenue in Savannah. Five days later, Shanika Latoya Dunbar was arrested and charged with killing Robbins.

Sharon Robbins feels like the justice system failed her, and says she has no idea how the woman indicted in the murder of her son is free.

Dunbar was indicted last September on charges of malice and felony murder, cruelty to children and possession of a gun in committing a crime. But before that, she had been granted a $50,000 bond under the condition that she stay away from several family members and not possess a gun or live in a home where there's a gun.

Robbins' mother, Sharon, believes beyond a doubt that Dunbar is responsible for killing her son. Sharon is also worried that Dunbar's early release sends a dangerous message to would-be criminals.

"You know what it does? It makes them say, 'oh man, I got a beef with him. If I shoot him or kill him, man, I know I can get a bond if she can get a bond, I get one too.' That's the message that it's sending out to them, that they can do things and get a bond and get out too," Sharon said.

WTOC checked in with Superior Court Judge Penny Freesemann, who set the bond at $50,000 with certain conditions the day before Dunbar was indicted last September.

According to Georgia law, a person accused of committing a felony must be indicted within 90 days, or else they are automatically entitled to a bond.  Robbins said her son's case missed that deadline because of a lack of action by investigators.

"You failed. The justice system, you failed me, by letting a cold-blooded killer get a chance to get a bond and get out. You gave her the opportunity and that jeopardizes my son's case," Sharon said.

Police are not commenting on this specific case for the time being.

Dunbar's bond was reached this Tuesday, and given the circumstance and regardless of the charges against her, is something law professionals say Dunbar is entitled to.

"Keep in mind that when somebody has been accused of a crime, they are not convicted. I have not yet been found guilty of anything. So, bond is to ensure no pre-trial punishment, because being held in jail is a punishment. So, we are entitled under the constitution to a reasonable bond," Attorney Lynne Fleming.

Still, Robbins' mother says the shockwaves in the wake of her son's murder are still being felt, not only by her but also her grandson who she says witnessed his father's murder.

"To do it in front of a child, who is going to be destroyed for the rest of his life. and it didn't just destroy him, it's destroying me," Robbins said.

Dunbar's trial date right now is set for the beginning of August.

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