Garden City church repairing after semi crashed into Education Building

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - A semi-truck crashed into the Education Building at Good Shepherd Church in Garden City on Monday afternoon.

The driver of the truck said it happened as he tried to swerve to avoid a car that suddenly stopped in front of him.

Now, the church is still in the process of making repairs. There is plywood in place where windows were taken out.

The pastor told WTOC that despite the damage to the bell tower, if it was not there it could have been a lot worse.

"It slowed him down enough that the cab came to rest on the porch. With just the front of the cab up against this wall. So, it really is remarkable that there wasn't more damage. There was no injury," said Pastor Susan Thisell. "I was so relieved. There were so many amazing things about it. Nobody was here. The truck driver was not injured. Looking at the tire tracks, how he was able to swerve to avoid the sanctuary building."

The pastor said thanks to a lot of help, everything was cleaned up Wednesday morning. Their ministry and worship have not been affected.

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