Neighbors Complain of Abandoned Home

Some homeowners are fed up with one of their neighbors. For almost three years, a vacant home in the Grove Hill subdivision off Highway 204 in Chatham County has become more and more run down. Now neighbors are tired of looking at the mess.

Joe Colson and his wife fell in love with their house the minute they saw it. "We called the realtor while sitting out in front looking at it," he said. "Two days later, it was ours."

Grove Hill is a middle- to upper-class neighborhood nestled off the highway, a beautiful community with million-dollar homes sitting among lakes and waterways.

"The homes are well kept, it's just a nice, quiet neighborhood that people would like to retire in," said Colson.

All the homes except for one. It's the eyesore of the neighborhood with weeds knee high, trash, and a broken fence.

Colson and his neighbors have had to look at this neglected property for years. The neighborhood association tried to keep up with the yard, but after three years it gave up.

"The people who own it should be interested enough in their property to take care of it," said Colson.

With the owners gone, the home just sits idle, and many neighbors feel it could pose a health hazard to the rest of the neighborhood.

"All the debris, overgrown grass is a haven for snakes and other animals that shouldn't be there," said Colson.

He says he just wants the owners to come back and clean up the place before it drags down the price of his home.

Neighbors thought the bank foreclosed on the house, but the bank says they don't own the property. We tried to contact the owner, but he didn't return our calls.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,