Consider This: City Strategic Plan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Last week, a WTOC Investigation revealed that over the past six years the City of Savannah has spent more than $8.5 million on studies that have yielded little to nothing in return.

As City Manager Robert Hernandez told us, the studies were both excessive and ineffective largely because the City of Savannah doesn't have a strategic plan. As Dr. Janet Lapp famously said, when a ship misses the harbor, it is rarely the harbor's fault.

Clearly our city leaders have missed the harbor time and time again.

But that's changing now thanks to Mr. Hernandez, Mayor DeLoach and the City Council. Our city leaders have committed to spending the summer putting together a strategic plan. And better yet, they've spent the month of May getting everyone's feedback at a series of seven town hall meetings.

I guess the most encouraging sight from those meetings was witnessing what appeared to be the biggest crowd for the meeting specifically held for our youth.

As City Alderman Van Johnson told us, this new plan is about our future and what's we're leaving behind for the next generation.

"We're planting trees for the shade we do not expect to sit," said Johnson. "We're posting progress ultimately for our young people to enjoy and if we're going to do the right thing, we need to make sure the city if the type of city they want to inherit."

Consider this: Change never comes easy. We applaud the City for recognizing both the need to chart a proper course into the future and for allowing our youth their opportunity to help us finally get this ship into harbor.

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