Lyons paying tribute to WWI veterans

LYONS, GA (WTOC) - One small town hopes to pay tribute to its heroes this weekend in a new way. They're displaying the names of veterans this holiday to remind everyone of their sacrifice.

Ride through Lyons this holiday week and you'll see these crosses and flags to remember Toombs Countians who served their country.

The crosses bear names and military branches for 49 services members who called Toombs County home. Lions Club members teamed with a local hardware store for materials and Toombs County High students to build them.

Club members won't take credit for the idea for the display.

"We saw this in several other cities, kind of copied it and made it our own. And this sidewalk happened just over a year ago," said Jason Hall, with the Lyons Lions Club.

They hope loved ones will know the community appreciates the service their family member gave. They also hope people who drive by remember those who helped protect us all.

"This was just one way to honor them. Without them, none of us would be here," Hall said.

They'll display the crosses for Memorial Day and Veterans Day for two weeks each time and they aren't limited to only those killed in combat.

You'll find these crosses displayed, fittingly enough, on Victory Drive.

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