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NWS-Charleston to survey storm damage on Wilmington Island on Wednesday

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The National Weather Service – Charleston will be in Chatham County on Wednesday to assess the storm damage on Wilmington Island, according to the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency.

Around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, severe weather moved through the WTOC coverage area. Several people reported seeing a funnel cloud and water spout in eastern Chatham County.

CEMA officials have been dispatched to the southern part of Wilmington Island to assess the damage. 

Several downed trees and branches landed on homes and vehicles. Residents say they saw tree branches flying around and swing sets flying through the air.

A few residents described hearing a freight train sound before hiding for cover.  

"Ran and got the kids. Put them in the bathtub. Pretty much as soon, as quickly as it came it was over,” said resident Rebecca Ellington.

"I heard this tree come to the house. I saw glass go everywhere. That was it really, that was like that. It happened really fast,” said resident Frank Lang.

The number of trees down could have led to a lot more danger. Like most people who dodge disaster, these folks still feel thankful.

"If that's the worst of it, we're alright. I can fix all that,” Lang said.

"I feel like Hurricane Matthew may have been a good trial for this because we knew, kind of, the damage can be cleaned up. We can recover,” said Ellington.

A reassuring thought when you see how much damage was caused in a matter of minutes.

The National Weather Service will have to confirm whether this damage was caused by a tornado.

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