Over $150K provided in scholarships via the Abbie DeLoach Foundation

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It was two years ago last month that Abbie DeLoach was taken from her family and friends.

She was one of five Georgia Southern nursing students killed in an accident on I-16 in Bryan County.

"It's a moment I hope none of you experience as a parent."

Thursday, Abbie's family honored her legacy. Her life devoted to serving God and others, now in death, helping others realize their dreams with the first annual scholarship luncheon for the Abbie DeLoach Foundation.

"Over $150,000-$200,000 and it goes to those who are pursuing higher education. We will give the money to them and let them use it the best way they can, knowing that everything they do is because of something bigger than them," said Jimmy DeLoach, Abbie's father.

"I just feel very honored and I'm very grateful for them. I know it's a tough time for them to go through, but it just means a lot to me," said Omaralys Lara-Garcia, an Abbie DeLoach Scholarship recipient.

"It's a blessing to receive this scholarship. It's a really sad moment for everyone, but it's also a happy moment that we receive this scholarship, this money for a great cause," said Jaalon Frazier, another Abbie DeLoach Scholarship recipient.

"What joy and happiness, it would give Abbie, if she was physically here. She is here spiritually, and also, with the people who have been blesses by this, will touch many, many lives," said DeLoach.

Abbie's life taken far too soon. But one that will leave a lasting impact on others for years to come.

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