Savannah City Council approves River Landing redevelopment

Savannah City Council approves River Landing redevelopment

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah City Council has approved a development agreement for the Savannah River Landing.

Apartments, hotels, restaurants, parking, parks and much, much more will surround the area of President Street near General McIntosh Boulevard.

It will be an over $600 million, 55-acre development on the east part of River Street. Alderman Julian Miller described it during Savannah City Council's meeting as a "brilliant move."

The City of Savannah will complete a SPLOST-funded extension of the Riverfront Plaza in front of the Marriott Hotel.

One of the biggest goals is to extend the downtown area. Two parking garages are planned for the site, eventually providing up to 1,400 spaces. The first garage to be built will be surrounded by two apartment complexes containing 600 to 700 possible spaces.

City Attorney Brooks Stillwell was very excited as he presented this to council. In fact, everyone I talked to from the city is welcoming the development.

"Converting that property into a beautiful extension of downtown has been a very exciting project, a lot of people at the MPC going back more than 10 years have worked really hard to bring this about. It is really exciting to see the development start to happen," Savannah Assistant City Manager Peter Shonka said.

"I think it's going to be a wonderful project. I think the folks we have are seasoned people who have done this before and done projects of similar size. They have the kind of backing you need to give you a long-term staying power," Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach said.

I am told once the construction in the area of President Street and General McIntosh Blvd is finished up, possibly around the start of 2018, that is when the groundbreaking will be held for the Savannah River Landing.

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