Deadly wrecks on the rise in Tattnall, Toombs, Appling counties

TATTNALL CO., GA (WTOC) - South Carolina Troopers are not the only ones hoping to cut down on deadly accidents this year.

Georgia State Patrol is monitoring a busy US Highway 301. Corporal James Metts, with GSP Reidsville, says their three-county area has seen in five months more deaths than all last year.

The deadly crash Monday on Georgia Highway 23 in Tattnall County killed one woman and brought the total of fatalities to 12 for Tattnall, Toombs and Appling counties.

The trooper tells me most of these crashes happen when one driver either veers off the road or veers into oncoming traffic. He says that happens for a variety of reasons beyond just texting or being under the influence.

"They're also distracted by other things like eating, children in the vehicle, other people, the radio, paying attention to the radio, changing your music. These things take you away from the road," said Cpl. Metts.

Cpl. Metts and the State Patrol are taking to the airwaves to try and get people to be safer. You may have seen him right here on WTOC in a public service announcement about buckling your seat belt, which is one of the leading causes of people not surviving a crash if they're in one.

Cpl. Metts had a challenge for drivers in his three counties and beyond for this holiday weekend.

He just hopes people will pay heed and drive safer beyond just this weekend.

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