WTOC Investigates: Alderman Tony Thomas' home foreclosure

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We've got new details on yet another issue with 6th District Alderman, Tony Thomas, as he started his holiday weekend answering to Chatham County deputies.

Late last week, folks living in the Windsor Forest neighborhood called Chatham County Animal Control after noticing Thomas' home had not been lived in for weeks, yet several cats were appearing in the windows.

We did some digging and discovered that, in fact, the alderman's house had been foreclosed on and scheduled for auction at the county courthouse on Tuesday, June 6. Animal Services placed a notice on the front door and having not heard back from the owner or bank, sent deputies out to the home to remove the cats. That's when Alderman Thomas showed up, taking several boxes from the house - but when WTOC Reporter, Georgiaree Godfrey approached him to ask for a comment on the situation, he confronted her using graphic profanity with sexist overtones. The conversation went as follows.

Godfrey: "So, may I ask why you're calling me a c***?"

Thomas: "What are you?"

Godfrey: "I'm a female. I've never disrespected you so why would you call me a c***?'

Alderman Thomas told deputies he was renovating the home and returned every day to care for the cats - but again - the home is listed as foreclosed on the county website and is represented by a Georgia law firm specializing in bankruptcy and foreclosure.

The county is scheduled to auction off the home at 10 a.m. on June 6, with a starting bid of $55,000.

In most cases, a foreclosed or bank-owned home is off limits to the previous owner, but because the alderman would not answer our questions about the property, we were unable to confirm through him the exact status of his home.

We will, of course, follow up on this report and bring you any additional information as we get it.

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