Loved ones gather in Glennville to remember those who died in combat

Loved ones gather in Glennville to remember those who died in combat

GLENNVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The Memorial Day Ceremony in Glennville marked a milestone as people gathered in a sacred place to remember those who serviced and those killed in action.

Loved ones of the veterans buried in Glennville and others have gathered on this day for the past decade to remember the fallen. The ceremony, held at Glennville's Georgia Veterans Cemetery, marked the tenth one since it opened to give a final resting place to those who served their country. Julia Robinson was there to pay her respects to her father, Staff Sergeant Thomas Fitch, who fought in three wars and served three decades in the Army.

"Every chance I get, holiday or not, I come here. I come to visit him," Robinson said.

She and others stopped at their loved one's marker before gathering to remember those who died in combat. The cemetery's director says this is always the largest single crowd each year, but they see visitors all year long as people come to pay respects.

"We draw not only friends and family of the people buried here, but the general public with a sense of honor but also curiosity," said Ernie Cowart, Director.

The ceremony brings high praise from Julia and others who say it helps them remember their heroes as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

"It's very important. We have to honor our soldiers. They do so much for us," Robinson said.

Cowart hopes more people attend the ceremony next year, or before that, the wreath-laying ceremony in December.

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