Businesses feeling impact of Hunting Island closure

HUNTING ISLAND, SC - Hunting Island State Park is still closed despite officials pushing for a Memorial Day Weekend reopening.

Heavy rains last week washed out roads in the park, limiting access to those areas that would have been open on Monday.

Hurricane Matthew caused $5 million in damages and a revenue loss of about $2 million simply from being closed. Local businesses are also seeing the impact of the park's closure, such as Barefoot Bubba's - one of the last stops before Hunting Island. Without the constant flow of curious drivers who happen to stop in the store, the owner is seeing a drastic decline.

"You'll be surprised going to Hunting Island; $1 million and $1.5 million a year. The only beach access in Beaufort is going to Hunting Island, and it being closed right now is hurting everybody. The whole last three months, we're about 20 to 30 percent down," said Tal Yhav, the owner of Barefoot Bubba's.

Businesses in those areas say they've been depending on residents and visitors of Harbor and Fripp islands to accommodate the sales. Barefoot Bubba's also had about $100,000 in damages from Hurricane Matthew.

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