Good News: Senior Health Day

Good News: Senior Health Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Staying physically fit might be easier for the young, but it becomes even more important as we age.

Savannah seniors got their exercise on Wednesday for National Senior Fitness Day. To mark the day, Senior Citizens, Inc. held yoga classes and walks around their Thunderbolt Senior Center, encouraging seniors to get moving and pay attention to fitness. Exercise opportunities are a daily offering at all Senior Citizen, Inc. facilities, including an exercise room in Thunderbolt. Wednesday, they went a little farther to encourage their clients to seek a healthy lifestyle.

"It keeps your heart pumping. If you're not working out or anything or jogging or walking, your body breaks down. You need to keep it strong," said Donald J. McCord Sr., who exercises several times a week.

"Keeping yourself out of your chair, even if it's just to do something fun like yoga really makes a huge difference in all aspects of your life. It's good for your mind, it's good for your body, it's good for your spirit. It keeps you feeling like you're young and active, and it's great because it gets you out in the community," said Patti Lyons, President, Senior Citizens, Inc.

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