Statesboro community tries to rescue cat stuck in tree

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Neighbors in one part of Statesboro are hoping to rescue a cat stuck 60 feet up in a tree.

Someone walking their dog Sunday saw the cat scurry up a pecan tree off Grady Street. They tried to coax the cat down with no luck. Others joined the effort.

Finally, one woman hired a tree clearing service to climb up and rescue the cat.

"Because I care. I don't want to see the cat die. I guess you can call me a bleeding heart, I guess," said Sissy Gatch, the person who hired the climber.

After an hour, the climber found a crack in the tree and couldn't get close enough to rescue the cat.

The fire department and local utility companies declined using their trucks, citing liability restrictions.

So, in other words, the cat is still up there.

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