Bluffton Police hold a hurricane preparedness meeting

(SOURCE: WTOC staff)
(SOURCE: WTOC staff)


Bluffton Police held a preparedness meeting for residents Wednesday night in anticipation of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season beginning Thursday, June 1.
It's the second educational class held in recent weeks, and the goal is to get families ready if another storm, like Hurricane Matthew, should strike.
Local emergency management agencies teamed up with engineers to talk about lessons learned and what to do in the future.
"The most important thing is to have a plan. Know what you want to do, get materials together so that if a storm comes, you're ready to go," said Donald Yehle, a Bluffton resident.
The national weather service said the 2017 hurricane season could be a busy one. They are predicting 11 to 17 named storms, and five to nine of those are expected to become hurricanes.

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