Night Stalkers Association Accepting Donations

Families and friends continue to mourn Night Stalkers from Hunter Army Airfield killed last week in Afghanistan. Eight night stalkers were killed, along with eight Navy SEALS, when their helicopter was shot down trying to land.

People are being encouraged to donate to the Night Stalker Association, which helps provide things like scholarships for children of fallen soldiers, even making sure some of those families make it to a private memorial service in savannah on Thursday.

"In particular, there are cases where I believe some members who are traveling great distances, they are assisting with transportation, lodging, stuff like that," explained Trip Tollison with the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce.

People who want to donate to the Night Stalker Association can send donations to:

Night Stalker Association
3/160 SOAR
1304 North Lightning Road
Hunter Army Air Field, GA 31409-4719

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,