Consider This: Tony Thomas, fake news

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It is a very complicated world in which we now live.

Our freedoms and our way of life are under constant attack and, unfortunately, in our battle for democracy, some of our wounds are self-inflicted.

A primary tenet of our Constitution is our right to free speech, and equally as important, a free press. We, as the media, are charged with the duty to hold those in charge accountable for their actions.

But lately, it's been open season on our free press as terms like "mainstream media" and "fake news" are routinely hurled like clubs when certain political leaders want to dispute a fact, do not like a story or simply don't want to answer tough questions.

There are examples of this behavior in our country from sea to shining sea. Two weeks ago, a now congressman-elect from Montana body slammed a reporter who was asking him about health care on the eve of the election. And the week before that, in our nation's capital, security guards detained a journalist at of all places, the Federal Communications Commission.

And last week, after foul-mouthed Alderman Tony Thomas berated a female WTOC reporter, calling her the most disgusting, misogynistic words imaginable, he decided he wasn't at fault, we were. Our reporter was doing nothing more than her job, in a professional, respectful way and was undeserving of the childish, bombastic tirade bestowed upon her by Thomas.

A couple of days after calling our reporter those horrible names, he told Mayor Eddie DeLoach he'd do it again if given the opportunity. He believes we deserved it because of our news reports centered on his more than questionable actions.

Consider This: Tony Thomas continues to be an embarrassment to both himself and our city, and he will continue to be until voters decide they've had enough of his issues and antics.

Despite the claims he made as he was being censured by the Mayor and City Council, there is no conspiracy to "get him" and if he wants to get a good look at his real enemy, he needs to do nothing more than to look into a mirror.

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