Free summer meals program begins in Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - You might expect the lunchroom at Julia P. Bryant Elementary to be deserted. But the end of classes for the summer does not mean the end of meals.

The youngsters in the county recreation department's day camp got bag lunches Monday as part of the Bulloch County Schools' summer meal program. Sarah James is one of the handful of lunchroom workers who stay on for the summer to fix meals for these youngsters and those who might not eat otherwise.

"Some kids only get one meal a day. If I can help get it to them, I'm all for it," James said.

This marks the third summer Bulloch County schools have opened lunchroom to feed any and all kids, but especially those who need a meal when school's not in session.

"Thirty percent of children age 1 to 18 in Bulloch County live in poverty. That's above the state average," said Haley Greene, with Bulloch County Schools.

They've expanded this year to 15 sites, six schools and nine mobile sites around the county.

"We're getting out into the community where transportation may be an issue for some families," Greene said.

James says helping the kids beats a summer vacation.

"So, if somebody can get you a meal that's free and nutrition, let's do it," James said.

They'll provide meals through July 21.

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