SCHP, SCDOT holds exercise to prep for hurricane season

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - Officials in South Carolina ran through a hurricane evacuation exercise on Tuesday for the purpose of making sure they are ready out on the roads if a storm should hit our area.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation and local law enforcement were there running the lane reversal exercise to make sure things are ready in case of an evacuation. Officials hold these exercises every year. In our area, they were focused on three main evacuation routes: US 278, US 21, and South Carolina Highway 46. All are managed by SCDOT, troopers, and local law enforcement. We caught up with officials with SCHP who say this is a team effort and a big operation they want to have perfected should there be a call to evacuate.

"We simulate. We have all our people in place at the traffic control points. South Carolina Department of Transportation is in place with the cones and everything like that, and we put the cones out, simulate putting the cones out as if we're gonna do it for an actual reversal, and then we do just like it was - a flush car run through there to make sure everything is clear. Then we do the opposite and pick all the cones up," said LCpl Judd Jones, SCHP.

Officials say with this exercise as well as several meetings throughout hurricane season, they're ready, but they do want to make sure you and your family are ready as well. That means having a hurricane plan in place and knowing your evacuation route and zone.

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