3rd Battalion, 160th SOAR change of command ceremony

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A change of command ceremony for the 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Airborne Regiment was held Thursday.

Lieutenant Colonel Reggie Harper relinquishing command to Lieutenant Colonel Roger Waleski, Jr. Lt. Col. Harper has been the commander since June 2015.

His next assignment is Battalion Commander at Kentucky's Fort Campbell.

Incoming Commander Lt. Col. Waleski is taking over following his service at Fort Bragg. He outlined his priorities with WTOC on Thursday.

"A good 30 to 45-day assessment. It operates at a high level of excellence. It's trying to find those areas that we can find small improvements over time, always innovation, improving tactics, techniques and procedures. We're always looking for better ways to do it," Lt. Col. Waleski, Jr. said.

Presiding over Thursday's ceremony was Col. Philip Ryan. He is the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Airborne, Commander.

Former WTOC anchor and longtime Honorary Night Stalker, Sonny Dixon, narrated the ceremony.

Known as Night Stalkers, soldiers in this Regiment are recognized for their proficiency in nighttime operations. They have been actively engaged in the combat operations since 2001.

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