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Good News: World Oceans Day

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The UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day on Thursday by remembering the importance of conservation of our oceans. 

Family-friendly activities took place, including behind-the-scenes aquarium tours and reptile talks. Visitors also had the opportunity to interact with crabs and whelks. June 8 is designated by the United Nations as World Oceans Day to celebrate conservation of this important resource around the world. 

"How to protect our oceans. We are the next generations of people that are going to be caring for the planet, and we need to protect the animals and the waters that they live in, and how best to do that. Really, helping everybody just learn how to appreciate the oceans for what they are," said assistant curator, Lisa Olenderski. 

This year, participants are invited to take the better-bag-challenge, which involves making a pledge to help the ocean by avoiding disposable plastic bags for at least one year. 

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