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Magazine Article a Boon for Local Business

Beaufort is getting lots of national and regional attention lately. In fact, Life magazine just named it the most romantic town in the East in a recent weekend edition. This kind of publicity in a national publication is always good news, but it's been especially good for a local restaurant.

The Shrimp Shack has been a favorite hot spot for locals and tourists for 26 years. 

"I'd say we come here three times during our vacation, get shrimp burgers," said Brian Mocko, visiting from Ohio. "They're excellent."

And it's the well-known shrimp burgers that Life classified as a local delicacy in its recent article.

"I had a friend tell me the other day that a friend from Pennsylvania called to say she saw the article," said owner Hilda Upton.

This may not be the first time the Shrimp Shack has been in the spotlight, but it certainly has made the restaurant's phones ring off the hooks more than normal.

"It helps an awful lot and we're very thankful," said Upton.

Although the publicity is appreciated, that's not the secret to the restaurant's success. "I have to give the Lord the credit for this business and I wouldn't give it to anyone else," said Upton.

Throughout the years, the Shrimp Shack has also been a big hit with celebrities like Pat Conroy, Robert Duval, Tom Hanks, and Barbara Streisand. But Upton says everyone is treated with the same Southern hospitality and served up the same local seafood favorites.

Although the Shrimp Shack was one of only three restaurants referenced in the article, the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce says it's a big boost for the entire area.

"Once people find out about Beaufort, they explore before or when they get here, and that alone means just to the City of Beaufort alone $175 million in economic impact," said the chamber's Libby Barnes.

Just in the past six months, Beaufort has been in the national and regional spotlight from being named one of Southern Living's Best Small Towns to one of the most popular destinations for golf, honeymoons, and retirement.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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