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Animal Control Ordinance Changes Drafted

Changes to Chatham County's animal control ordinances are coming. County lawmakers will have a first reading on proposed changes this Friday morning. To drum up support for the recommended changes, local animal advocates are holding a petition drive.

Last week, members of various animal rights groups including the Humane Society, Save-a-Life, and Friends of Animals spent more than six hours revising a draft given to them by the Chatham County attorney.

Some recommended changes were still intact, like banning the practice of tethering a dog to a pole. Also, they want the use of a gas chamber to put animals to sleep eliminated, recommending an injection instead.

The changes touch on everything from keeping dangerous dogs to locking pets in cars unattended and driving with pets in open vehicles.

But one change they are really focused on is getting more to time to find stray pets homes. "Right now, it's three days," said Noreene Parker of Friends of Animals. "We would like to see it increased to ten days for animals with identification. If it is indeed a stray, we would like to see the amount of time increased to five days."

The Chatham County Commission is expected to read this draft of the animal control ordinance Friday morning at 9am, and vote on it some time in the next couple weeks.

And there is a whole list of recommended changes. For more information and to sign the petition, contact the Humane Society at 354.9515.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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