New Casino Boat Delayed Again

If you made plans to go on a casino cruise this weekend, we have some bad news. Last night, we told you about the Midnight Gambler 2 casino boat. Diamond Casino has been told by the US Coast Guard that planned inspections won't be performed until next Monday.

The company has been heavily advertising its maiden voyage for this weekend, including a VIP launch party Friday night. Coast Guard officials say they can have the party, but the boat won't be leaving dock with passengers on board.

"Depending upon their plans for this weekend, which they have not informed us about, we won't tell them they have to cancel their plans, but we can place restrictions on them," said Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Andy Myers. "As far as the full operation of the boat, that cannot start until they have their safety inspection."

Diamond Casino officials tell WTOC they haven't had much luck getting started, from weather delays to boat problems, and now this. They say they hope to start casino cruises next week. We'll keep you posted.

Reported by: Don Logana,