Short-term vacation rental stakeholders invited to meeting at the Civic Center

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A meeting was held for short-term rental stakeholders due to Savannah City Council considering a temporary 90-day stay on rental registrations.

Monday's meeting called out owners, property management companies and community members. They talked about administrative enhancements and managing growth.

"Tourism is definitely an essential piece of our economy, it's just a matter of making sure that we protect our residential areas as well," said Bridget Lidy, the director of Tourism Management and Ambassadorship.

"What we worked on basically is strengthening the rules & regulations. And in doing so, I think it's going to be helpful for the residents who have had many complaints to deal with," said Victorian Neighborhood Association President Andree Patterson.

Recommendations from this meeting will be presented to the city manager.

Savannah City Council will vote on the stay July 6.

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