Bryan Co. Commission discusses county's growth

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - Tuesday afternoon, the Bryan County Commission sought to clear the air and explain the County's stance on growth in the unincorporated areas, which lately has been a major concern for hundreds of residents.

The Commission Chairman told WTOC before the meeting that they want the presentation to show residents that they are working on a plan to responsibly develop the areas the County has control over.

County Commission Chairman Carter Infinger said the County often comes under fire for the development of land that they have no control over, and the distinction between unincorporated county and Richmond Hill city limits came early on in the presentation.

The point was also made that development decisions made by neighboring governments like Richmond Hill affect things like the county's roadways, whether traffic flow or their condition.

Infinger said for that reason, the county will continue to work closely with the city.

"That collaboration is happening and we're continuing to work on that. You know, they have their goals and needs, and we have our goals and needs," said Infinger.

The county administrator outlined in the presentation that the vast majority of homes being built in the county are single-family homes in neighborhoods that develop more gradually over time. 
But some residents at tonight's meeting say neighborhoods are still developing too quickly, leading to traffic and public safety issues.

Bryan County resident Ereka Akers said, "We do have to be, in my opinion, which I was trying to impress, logical, cautious and listen to the people in those specific areas... what they're saying."

Infinger says as the commission moves toward establishing a Comprehensive Plan, they will have public feedback sessions for residents to share their concerns.

Last year, there were 280 residential building permits in Bryan County, more than three-quarters of those coming from south Bryan County.

Once the public feedback dates are set, we'll be sure to pass those along.

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