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48th IB getting enhanced training

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One of the greatest challenges to the National Guard is needing to know what to do in combat, while not knowing when they might do it.

"At this point, we don't have any publicized deployments forthcoming,” said Major Aaron Holt, public affairs officer for the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Georgia National Guard. “However, it's our job to make sure our soldiers are always ready to deploy.”

And the 48th IB is getting more ready than ever with improved training, their first live-fire exercise under the guidance of a new partnership with the Third Infantry Division.

"We'll come out of this a completely different formation than when we started,” said Colonel Matthew Smith, commander of the 48th IB. “Three weeks in, by the time we're heading home, we'll be at a very high level of proficiency.”

They will get there because of the resources and support the 3rd ID can offer to the training.

"Whether it's aviation, logistics, fire support or cannons, any manner of support has never been available before,” said Col Smith. “So, I would offer the partnership is already a tremendous improvement to our readiness. just by learning how to employ those things and providing a more robust training environment for all the soldiers.”

"The National Guard as a whole has less training time with our soldiers, so being able to maximize our time in the field definitely is a huge benefit to us,” added Holt. “Being able to be in the field more definitely helps us and keeps us prepared, which is the brigade commander’s main intent, to develop and maintain that preparedness for any future deployments that might be coming or any stateside operations that might come up.”

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