Shots fired after road rage incident on Pooler Parkway

(Source: Pooler Police Department)
(Source: Pooler Police Department)
(Source: Pooler Police Department)
(Source: Pooler Police Department)
(Source: Pooler Police Department)
(Source: Pooler Police Department)

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - Road rage is leading to extreme danger for drivers. Around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, an angry driver fired shots into a truck on Pooler Parkway.

Pooler Police Chief Mark Revenue says the road rage has got to stop. He provided four police reports, all road rage incidents happening in Pooler over the past week.

Things became much scarier Wednesday morning when shots were fired at the busy intersection of Pooler Parkway at Park Avenue.

The man driving the truck being shot at was not hurt. Pooler PD told WTOC the shooting began after a possible tailgating issue and allegedly the man whose car was shot up had thrown his drink toward someone else's car.

The person in the other car, who fired their gun, got away. Police say they were last seen in a gray Toyota Prius.

"We interview all the drivers and it is a finger pointing thing. 'Oh, they cut me off. Oh, they flipped me off.' It does not matter when two people engage in this aggressive driving. There is going to be consequences whether it is violence or arrests or both," Chief Revenue said.

The chief went on to say everyone needs to chill and give themselves more time to get where they are going.

Marrisa Rawls witnessed the incident Wednesday morning.

"And to realize that shots are fired and I am in the midst of it, it's really scary," Rawls said.

Rawls was on her way to her job on Pooler Parkway when she saw what led up to the gunfire.

"Cups are thrown, things are thrown from cars. Racial slurs are thrown," Rawls said.

The next thing you know, while cars are in motion on Pooler Parkway, one person in a car decides to shoot at a truck.

"Is it worth killing someone over? No, it never is, but that is how insanely stressed people are," Chief Revenue said.

Find ways to distress. Chief Revenue suggests listening to your favorite music.

"I love when I pull up at a traffic light and they are enjoying themselves and enjoying their music. They take a couple extra seconds to get through a light, relax," Chief Revenue said. "It is not worth it. Leave five minutes early if you have to."

Police say If you see a road rage incident happening, stop your car, get a good description of the car - especially the license plate - if you can and call police immediately.

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