Spider bites increase during the warmer months

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Local pest control companies say they're receiving a lot more calls about spiders right now.

When we say spiders, we're talking more specifically about brown recluse and yellow orb spiders that thrive around the area because of the warmth.

WTOC spoke with a doctor on Wednesday who said this is the time of year they see more patients with spider bites because of the warm weather. However, he did say unless people see a spider, don't jump to conclusions your bite or rash is a spider bite. Often, it's as simple as a staph infection.

"People are out doing a lot more things. They're in the yard. They're in the shed," said Emergency Medicine Physician Joseph Hogan, M.D.

Doctors say if you get a spider bite, nine times out of 10 you actually see it.

"It's nice to know you were bitten because most of the time to confirm a spider bite, you usually see a spider," Dr. Hogan said.

If you are bitten, he says stay calm and do this.

"Clean the wound with an alcohol swab or some sort of other alcohol at home and then use a gauze sponge to wipe it clear," Dr. Hogan said.

If you come to see them. They'll probably treat it the same way unless it's a brown recluse spider.

"Their venom is pretty specific to breaking down skin tissue, so it actually leaves a pretty large wound that actually enlarges over time and takes a long time to heal," he said.

Here's the best way to stay clear of these critters. Pest control says spiders love areas like dark closets and where you keep things under your bed.

They say things like clothes and sheets you should triple check and shake out before using them.

If you do find these spiders, be careful to jump up and immediately kill them. With some species, mothers carry babies on their back. If you swat it, you could have a much bigger problem than one spider. Trap it and decide what you would like to do with it later.

The pest control companies also said they're limited with insecticides to help with spiders - because spiders are arachnids. Their best advice is to cut off their food source. Keep the crumbs off the floor and eating areas clean. Second, is eliminate their webs. Without a home or web for them, they will relocate.

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