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Terrorism Expert on London Attacks

Terrorism experts will tell you, it's not a question of if there will be another terrorist attack. It's when, as demonstrated by this morning's attacks in London. This afternoon, Jonathan Davis, an expert on counterterrorism, spoke to several people about terrorist groups and the people believed to be behind today's bombings.

Davis says this is just another way of Islamic fundamentalists trying to send a message to the Western world.

"There is a way to solve the problem of terrorism and it's a long haul," he said.

Davis says this morning's attacks on London are just more deadly messages sent by Al-Qaida terrorists to both Britain and America. That message: get out of Iraq.

"Radical Islam wishes to take over the world and make the world one radical Islamic republic by lashing out at the United States and lashing out at Great Brittan and other Western countries," he said. "Bin Ladin is sending a message, Al-Qaida is sending a message to the West: get out of the Middle East."

Davis says keeping US troops in the Middle East sends a strong message to terrorist organizations who are trying to take it over.

"I think that by taking the stand the United States is taking, now is the proper stand in fighting terrorism," he said. "You cannot negotiate with terrorists."

Praising President George W. Bush for his courageous stand on terrorism, Davis feels the fight against these Islamic fundamentalists will take the cooperation of the entire world.

"This should not become a battle between the world and Islam, it should become a battle between the world and moderate Islam against radical Islam," he said. "Otherwise you'll have a clash of civilizations and it will be a very, very sad commentary."

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com

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