59 dogs heading to “no kill” rescues via One Love Animal Rescue transport

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - One Love Animal Rescue transported 59 dogs to "no kill" rescues in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont and even Canada.

The dogs coming from the Chatham County Animal Services, Jasper Animal Rescue Mission and the Effingham Shelter. If they stayed here, it's quite possible the animals would have been put down.

That's when volunteers step in to give them a better life.

"We've been going at it for about a year with these rescues in the northeast. So, it's just expanding. The more the word gets out, the more rescues that we get that are part of the network," said One Love Animal Rescue volunteer, Butch Krishnamurti.

"It takes a, definitely what they say, it takes a village and an army and that is for sure. One Love Animal Rescue has some really fantastic volunteers," said Karrie Bulski, co-founder and president of One Love Animal Rescue.

One Love is 100 percent volunteer ran. Since starting this rescue mission last June, 351 dogs have made their "freedom ride" to no-kill rescues.

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