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Savannah Fire hosting open houses for Stand Down for Safety Week

(Source: Savannah Fire) (Source: Savannah Fire)

Savannah Fire will host Open houses as part of Stand down for Safety week.

You're invited into the fire stations to meet and talk with fire fighters. You can go to various stations between Monday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Seven of the stations will be open Monday and Tuesday. The other 6 will be open Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday, June 19

  • Station 1 East 63rd Street
  • Station 4 2401 Augusta Avenue
  • Station 10 13710 Coffee Bluff Road

Tuesday, June 20

  • Station 2 5 Skyline Drive
  • Station 3 121 E. Oglethorpe Avenue
  • Station 8 2824 Bee Road
  • Station 13 11 McKenna Drive

Wednesday, June 21

  • Station 5 10 West 33rd Street
  • Station 11 111844 Apache Avenue
  • Station 12 1205 Bradley Boulevard

Thursday, June 22

  • Station 6 3000 Liberty Parkway 
  • Station 7 6902 Sallie Mood Drive
  • Station 9 2235 Capital Street

Monday night, and the rest of the week, the firefighters can tell you all about the Mayday drill. A drill everyone in the department must perform perfectly to make sure they know how to save another firefighter if something does happen. They will also teach other exercises they do to make sure they are good to go to keep all of you safe.

The fire captain says people around here do have safety questions about how to prevent fires in their home and what to do if they are faced with one. But what they really want to know is what it's like to be a firefighter.

They want to see where they eat, sleep and the biggest question is always - where is the fire pole. Well there's not one at Station 1 because everything is on one level but as they really don't have space for one. They live off of the necessities.

The firefighters say these open houses are the best way to do one thing - raise awareness. 

"Everyone knows we fight fire," said Michael McFadden, Master Firefighter, SFES. "That's a gimme. But some of them are not aware about the blood pressure program we have, smoke detectors, home inspections."

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