Consider This!: Congressional shooting

Consider This!: Congressional shooting

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's sad to say, but what happened on the baseball field in Washington, D.C. last week was bound to happen. The political divide in this country has gone from a crack in our veneer to a full fledge chasm that would put the Grand Canyon to shame.

And just to be clear, the gunman last week could have just as easily been a President Trump supporter opening fire on the Democratic practice.

Our intolerance for those who don't share our same beliefs in and out of our country has reached a breaking point and we must find a way to change that.

Consider this: Last week's shooting turned what until this point has a been a lot of talk and rhetoric into a violent action that could have had much more dire results had the gunman had the physical or mental capacity to better carry out his attack.

We did see slivers of hope that these tragic events may begin the process of bringing our divided country and partisan politicians together.

On the House floor, Speaker Ryan spoke of an attack on one is an attack on all. And the following night, when the charity baseball game was played as scheduled, everyone was on one team: Team Scalise.

The game is over and Congress is getting back to work, but we need to continue to see what we saw at Nationals Park last week, two sides, the Republicans and Democrats, putting "the us and them" mentality aside in an attempt to lead we the people.

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