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Good News: Youth Works

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Savannah is a hot destination for young people who want to get to work during their summer vacations. 

A mission trip through the Youth Mission Program has kids contributing their time and labor to help older folks in our area. 

Part of the job being done in Garden City on Monday was learning that there is value in labor and in giving. 

"It's relieving in some ways to know you can come out and you're not still inside and not helping anyone. We can come out here and help someone who can't really do this for themselves," said Mitchell Logan, Owensboro, KY. 

The crew of middle and high schoolers clearing a yard for an elderly resident in Garden City was part of a larger group from Youth Works doing different projects throughout the area. 

"Garden City, Port Wentworth, Savannah. We're kind of all over the place," said Youth Works Site Director, Caleb Jeffries. 

They're doing work that wouldn't otherwise be getting done - a mission trip where the mission is to work, serve, and grow. 

"The idea is to get them into a community to serve in the community and kind of visualize what it's like to serve, and then they can take that back with them and learn to serve in their community," said Jeffries. 

A different group comes to town each week and stays at the Port Wentworth United Methodist Church, with this group coming from churches in North Carolina and Kentucky. 

"I felt like God put me on this earth for a reason, and I felt like this was the main reason he wanted me to come to church and meet all these friends," said Ian Henderson, Lexington, N.C.

These students actually paid for the right to work in Savannah this week, raising pledges to cover their participation in Youth Works, but it's people here, as individual homeowners, who are realizing the payoff. 

"We come and make some kind of impact on him and make his life that much easier," Logan said. 

"He said 'I'm happy y'all are here and that God put you on this earth to work here because my house is a wreck and we need to fix it,' Henderson said.

It got fixed on Monday with Youth Works. 

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