Savannah City Council re-evaluating Capital Improvement Projects

Savannah City Council re-evaluating Capital Improvement Projects

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The City of Savannah is working on re-evaluating their funding plan for capital improvement projects.

The city has almost 300 proposed capital improvement projects but some will most likely have to be reduced in size or even pushed back.

Alderman Bill Durrence said the projects were put forth by the previous administration. So, that means this administration is left to work out which projects are the ones that will move forward sooner than others.

From funding for roof repairs at Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department headquarters to downtown streetscape improvements and the proposed $140 million arena on the Westside, recent months have been used to evaluate how to proceed with such big plans.

One project in need of additional funding to be within budget is the Cultural Arts Center planned for the corner of Oglethorpe Avenue and Montgomery Street. We were able to hear how money is set to be moved around this week to make sure that capital improvement project is taken care of.

"The $2 million shortfall when you look under the Cultural Arts Center, about a million of that we are going to recoup later this week with the sale of previous property that had been identified for that center. So, a million of it will come from that, the other shortfall is for streetscape projects not for the building itself and that is going to be transferred from another CIP project," said Michelle Gavin, public information administrator for the City of Savannah.

The strategic planning process is already underway for the City of Savannah. The city has never had a strategic plan, but that will play a big role in these projects and the future budget.

"The city manager put an aggressive timetable on this strategic planning process. He wants a plan in place by the end of July. So, the council had its retreat at the beginning of June where they outlined the priorities, now it is the staff's job to look and see what can be done with the resources we currently have, what are some realistic measures we can put in place," said Gavin.

If you would like to know about a project near you, please click here to the city's new portion of their website giving updates on Capital Improvement Projects.

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