AYP Results Are In

Is your child's school on the "needs improvement" list? The results of the Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, reports are in. AYP determines whether your child's school meets all state requirements. And if a school fails two years in a row, parents can transfer their children.

According to school board officials, most schools are up from last year. However 15 Chatham County schools were not up to par. So it's official, several schools are going to have to improve or parents can transfer their children to a better one.

"We're going to send them a letter, notifying every one of the parents that's affected by this choice," said assistant superintendent Sam Light.

Although most schools in Chatham County did improve, middle schools did not. If you'd like to transfer your student, good luck, because every single middle school is on the "needs improvement" list.

But before you panic, board officials want you to keep in mind that one of the biggest reasons several schools didn't make AYP is special-needs students.

"Understand that those special kids are already identified that they're struggling, but they still have to meet their own grade level test requirements, and that's pretty tough," said Light.

Other schools, like Spencer Elementary, were put on the list for simpler reasons. "The only reason they're on the list is because of attendance, and they had too many children that missed 15 or more days," explained Light.

While some schools were put on for academic reasons, others were for something unrelated.

"That's part of the idiosyncrasy of No Child Left Behind," said Light. "There's a bunch of little bits and pieces they have to meet all of the time, and if you don't you, don't meet Adequate Yearly Progress."

If you'd like to see how your child's school performed on AYP, you can look the school up on the Georgia Department of Education website at www.gadoe.org.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com