Pastor hoping church provides 'beacon of hope' to area impacted by recent violence

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In the middle of Friday's crime scene in Savannah was St. Luke Baptist Church.

It sits on the corner of West 38th Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

That night, we talked to Pastor Aaron Cummings, who was just ordained two weeks earlier.

Pastor Cummings told WTOC his parish will do all it can to help the community recover.

"We want to make sure we're a beacon of light and a beacon of hope, and a beacon of help and healing for that family. It's been put on my heart to just pray for all the parties involved. I think it's a tragedy, I think it's one of those all-too-common events that we really need to work toward eliminating that possibility of that happening," Pastor Cummings said.

St. Luke has been sitting on that corner for more than 30 years. Pastor Cummings saying as long as it's there, it will serve as a safe haven for help.

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