Lifeguards on Tybee Island prepping for busy holiday weekend

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - A new study shows South Carolina and Georgia are in the top 10 states for rural road fatalities.

Most vacationers this Fourth of July will travel on these rural roads to get to their destinations. Tybee Island is one of the most popular destinations in our area, and the safety of getting there is important, but so is being smart once you do.

We spoke with the captain lifeguard who says the holiday will be just like any other day on the beach. Captain Chad Osterlund is a veteran to the holiday on the beach and he stressed the importance of drinking enough water, as well as staying away from the pier in case of rip tides. He told us you should also stay away from the rocks on both the north and south ends of the beach as well as the river channel. There's a bottleneck with the current going back and forth and Osterlund says they already have a large amount of rescues over there, without the holiday traffic. His biggest advice is for people to be aware that it's a holiday and act accordingly.

"Mainly, I want everyone to be patient with each other. Some people get hot tempered out here because there are so many people and not a whole lot of room," said Captain Chad Osterlund, Tybee Lifeguard Captain.

Osterlund says they plan to have a full staff on the beach and they're even bringing in other lifeguards to ensure everyone stays safe during the holiday weekend.

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