Midtown Savannah residents still facing street flooding issues

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Many of the midtown and southside neighborhoods of Savannah are no stranger to flooding. In fact, most consider it a close companion to our summer thunderstorms.

Parts of Abercorn Street and Habersham Street between Victory Drive and DeRenne Avenue are known obstacle courses when the rain comes in.

One resident has lived in this area for four years and doesn't know if they can handle another summer rain shower ruining their cars and cutting off their power.

The Haley's are desperate for help as they say they can't afford the constant damage anymore.

"Within 30 seconds, the water level was that far up into my yard and trying to submerge my Camaro," said Ryan Haley.

He isn't kidding.

"The water came up to right here, on my car," Haley said.

And he's a target for even the lightest storms.

"All the water from Abercorn and up and down Habersham and the other side of 54th Street all collects right here. So, even if it rains for a little bit, I get all of it in front of my house," Haley said.

On top of the flooding, he says they never close off the roads.

"Every time it rains, neighbors are out pushing cars off the street because they drove through it," Haley said.

The city is making headway with flooding improvements nearby, but Haley's home is still on the waitlist.

"But they haven't fixed here or there and all the water from down there comes rushing down here. That's actually worse than here because once it starts getting bad, I can't even move my car because it's about 4 1/2 feet deep," Haley said.

He says he's reached out to the city multiple times and they said they've been working on the flooding areas around him for the past 20 years, but it might be another 10 years before they can make it here to fix this area around his home.

The City of Savannah has been working to improve flooding issues in that area for years now, with the Casey South Phase Two Drainage Improvement Project.

On the city's website, it says it's still in the planning process. The mission is to increase drainage capacity in the Casey South basin.

Over a year ago, an open house was held for residents to learn more about it. They were told the design process would take about a year to complete.

That followed by at least six years before construction could even start.

WTOC has reached out to the project manager for an update.

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