Evacuating Floridians Leave Pets in Savannah

Hurricanes are never good news. Dennis may have stayed away from us, but he did bring some benefits you wouldn't expect. Many Floridians depended on us to house their pets after they evacuated.

It's been a long couple of days for many pets at the Shady Pines Boarding and Daycare Center in Georgetown. With parts of Florida directly dealing the wrath of Dennis, many Floridians brought their dogs there, many of them from Pensacola.

Shady Pines just opened up a few months ago and business was slowly picking up, until Dennis. Now employees can barely keep up. "Full capacity," said Shady Pines' Bobbi Speegle. "They're concerned about them being taken care of when they can't take care of their dogs."

And for the last few days, pets have been waiting for their owners to come back. "All good owners are happy when they see their dogs, and the dogs are ecstatic, wiggling their tails from one end to another," said Speegle.

And owners are just hoping this is the last time they have to leave their furry family members. "Happy Dennis went away and wasn't as fierce as they thought it would be," said Speegle. "Now they're just waiting for next time."

Shady Pines says with this hurricane season expected to be a very active one, they expect to stay busy at least until November.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com