Consider This- Good News Editorial: Jody Chapin

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - This week's Good News is actually bittersweet.

When this week ends, so will a 31-year run at WTOC by our very own Jody Chapin, who has decided to retire.

As an ambitious production assistant with a flair for writing and a passion for telling people's stories, Jody convinced Doug Weathers to let her start an entertainment report, and a star was born.

While theater is in Jody's blood (she and her husband Jim ran City Lights theater for years, as well as produced our city's Shakespeare Festival), she was never one for the spotlight. You were more likely to run into Jody at the Red and White in her jeans and sweatshirt than you were to see her at a Black Tie Gala in a gown.

And that's what made Jody so special and so valuable to our organization. She never lost sight of who she was, who's story she was telling and who she was telling it to. During my tenure as News Director, Jody often served as our moral compass, reminding us not only of our station's values, but also the community's.

In her three decades on air at WTOC, Jody had the opportunity to sit next to the very best this industry had to offer: Doug Weathers of course, but also Johnny Cole and Pat Prokop to name a few, all legends of Savannah broadcasting, and she earned a much-deserved spot alongside each and every of them.

Jody will be missed, not only for what she did as a broadcaster, on air and off, but also what she did for our community as a whole, especially pets, both lost and found and those seeking a new home.

So the Good News is Jody gets to exit the news arena the same way she entered: full of energy, passion and an eagerness to begin this new and exciting chapter of her life with her husband Jim by her side and their son Nicholas not too far down the road.

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